Philodendron Red Heart


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A very rare and unusual philodendron hybrid.  As the plant matures the red in the center of the leave will become deeper and more bold.  This plant has very unique shaped leaves.  It is an easy to care for plant.  The plant you will receive is still young and will be shipped in a 4 inch pot.



P. Red Heart care is just like any philodendron.   Bright indirect light is preferred.  A rich, well drained soil is a must,  I have found this plant likes to dry out a little more between watering.  Average room temps and humidity will do.


I ship out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (unless a holiday or otherwise specified)USPS priority mail. I do my best to get orders out next.  Our plants are packaged with care and in a way that I would like to receive them.  We are currently only shipping to the Continental United States.

I am located in the Midwest and do not ship when my daytime temperature is below freezing.  I will notify you via email, if I need to hold your shipment.  If you are having a special weather concern in your area please notify me and I will hold the shipment.

Heat packs are available for purchase.  Please keep in mind that a heat pack might not protect against extreme temperatures.  If your temperatures are below freezing you are taking a risk during that time. We will do our best to take add more insulated packing materials as well.  However, we cannot refund an order due to damages from the cold.

If there is a problem with your order please notify us immediately.  We are a small business and thrive on customer satisfaction.  However, we can not refund/replace your order if it has been more than 24 hours after receiving your package.




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