Aroid Soil Mix

What is an Aroid An aroid is any plant in the Araceae family. This is a broad category that has 114 generas. They are classified by their flowers, which is called inflorescence. A lot of house plants that we care for are aroids. Just to name a few; philodendrons, monsteras, alocasia, antherium, syngonium, aglaonemas. So, yeah… a lot of common plants we all have.

Why is the soil important?

They are prone to root rot in dense soil, they need to breathe. In the ‘wild’ these please tend to grow in small pockets and throw out ariel roots to help them hold on and take in water and nutrients. They don’t need dense soil.

Soils I use

Hands down, my favorite and go to soil is Happy Frog by Fox Farms (not affiliated or sponsor). I higher quality soil is well worth the price. You get a better sanitization process (less fungus gnats), better quality ingredients, and an overall product that is designed for your success. Try of avoid using products like Miracle-gro, they are designed to hold moisture, have synthetic fertilizer that might harm your plants and harbor fungus gnats. Black Gold is another great soil to use. I just prefer Happy Frog, maybe because I have always loved frogs and keep dart frogs…maybe I’m biased. I also love that bat guano is an ingredient…bat guano it just seems cool. If you have a favorite soil and it’s a quality brand, go with that.

We are going to need to amend the soil to get that airy, happy mixture. The next ingredient we are going to use is an orchid mix, that incudes, bark, charcoal and perlite. Avoid anything that has additional fertilizers or sphagnum moss. Then, we are going to need some plain old perlite, you can use pumice too. I like to add a few spoonful’s of worm castings for good measures.

The Mix

1 part high quality soil

2 parts orchid mix

2 parts perlite or pumice

A few spoonful’s of worm castings.

I use a plastic container with a lid to store all my soils and soil mixtures it. You can just mix it up right in the tub!

Does your soil look chunky and airy? It should! This soil mixture will make your plants very healthy. It will promote great root growth and also give those roots something to grab onto. Happy, strong roots are the fundaments of plants.

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